It is our goal to provide continuous support, education and motivation to our peers on this journey and to the professionals who work to help us. We strive to provide a free, daily and perpetual discussion topic as well as a forum for questions and topics of relevance and importance to our participants. We also provide a website with a foundation of information and monthly updated features.

Joining the group is an offering of many discussion topics to reinforce long-term success with weight loss and health. I can only hope you feel comfortable enough to join discussions, ask questions and keep an open participation so others will gain insight from your journey. The site is free to you but not free to host and maintain.  I have included links to products that I use and other members use as well. These links pay a small affiliate commission which helps to differ the cost to maintain the site.

Who can join?

  1. Anyone wanting to lose weight and keep it off, including those who have had or have not had weight loss surgery.
  2. Anyone on any type of weight loss plan will be able to relate to most of the support discussions.
  3. Family members supporting people mentioned above are also welcome to join us.

How to join.

  • Click the link here to join the group.
  • Click the link in the sidebar to join the newsletter.